Fantastic Machinery Exhibition Events

May 3, 2013

Dubuffet’s Music

Alper Maral

Friday 3 May, 18.30

Istanbul Modern Cinema

Within the scope of the exhibition “Fantastic Machinery: A Selection from the Renault Art Collection,” musicologist Alper Maral make a lecture-performance entitled “Dubuffet’s Music.” Maral will give a lecture presenting music recordings and make a live performance based on the collaborative work of famous composer and writer Ilhan Mimaroğlu and French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet, whose works are featured in the exhibition.

Alper Maral describes the process as follows: “Pierre Schaeffer had only recently coined the term ‘sound object;’ using ‘concrete sounds’ to ‘plastify’ music – which is considered to be the most abstract art form – had not yet become the new mainstream; and Dubuffet was only just beginning to get acquainted with the world of sounds. The founder of the concept of ‘Art Brut’ found that the most appealing way to enter the field of sound design and of music –an old passion of his– was through this context: using sounds in the raw, revealing their energy; thrusting sounds as if they poured, as if they shot down from the sky. And his strongest motivation came from the boldest of the pioneers of electronic music, Ilhan Mimaroğlu; thus were sown the seeds of a unity in ideas, will, and action which reached far beyond their collaboration on their masterpiece Coucou Bazar. After a period of fervid endeavor and dedication an incredible and unique body of works would not be late in emerging.”

This event is free of charge.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)

Roman Burlesque - Upheaval With Two People (Detail) ,1974

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