Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Istanbul Modern’s Digital Learning Program promotes cultural sharing by increasing the use of technology in art education. It offers technology-based activities at the museum as well as online programs in which children can explore ways of interpreting modern and contemporary art, develop new perspectives, and draw inspiration from artists.

While touring Istanbul Modern’s collection exhibition, children use their tablets or phones to access information about the artworks and take part in fun activities that strengthen their connection with art.

For those who want to improve their knowledge of art or support their children’s artistic development, Istanbul Modern offers digital resources which include activities that can be done at the museum or at home, videos about the works of art, as well as virtual tours.

Activity Suggestions from Artists

Discover and Try Artworks

Activity Cards

Initiated in 2020 by Istanbul Modern, the Education Program “Virtual Detectives” supports artistic development through a virtual tour experience designed for children and offers children fun adventures in art.

Virtual Tour of the Collection Exhibition “Artists in Their Time” for Children

Virtual Tour of the Collection Exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present” for Children

Besides carrying on its workshops from past to present, Istanbul Modern also continues to support communication within families with children through specially designed digital resources. Exhibition Guides for Families, which are easily accessible from the museum’s website, are designed in parallel with the museum’s permanent collection exhibition and temporary exhibitions. While offering information to families touring the museum’s exhibitions, these digital resources set children’s imagination in motion and enhance their creative thinking skills.

Guide to the “Floating Islands” Collection Exhibition for Families (pdf)

Guide to the Exhibition “Always Here” for Families (pdf)

MY KIND OF ART (Özel paint yazılımı /Ücretsiz/Sürekli görünür)

VIRTUAL GALLERY (Çocukların çalışmalarının fotoğraflarının sergilendiği galeri)