Privacy Policy and Legal Notices

Please read these terms of use (“Terms of Use”) carefully before using this website (“Site”). By accessing or using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use given below. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms of Use, please do not continue to use this Site.

Terms of Use:

  • Users agree in advance that they shall comply with the terms of use, the legal notices below, and all legal regulations within the framework of the principle of integrity when visiting the Site, and that otherwise, they shall solely bear all kinds of judicial, administrative, civil, and criminal liability.
  • Users may view the content of the Site for personal use only and may only use it to obtain information about this content and in accordance with the terms of use published here. Any other access or use is unlawful, and the Site Owner and other content owners reserve their legal rights.
  • The Site Owner may redetermine, update, freely change, or remove the content of the Site (all kinds of works, information, images, materials, documents, designs, etc.) or terminate the Site at any time.
  • Users may visit the Site without having to provide their personal data/information; however, their personal data may be requested when it is necessary to exchange correspondence upon request of the User, exercise legal rights, etc. In addition, according to the Law No. 5651, information on visitor traffic is kept and can be shared with official institutions upon request.
  • Users agree and warrant that they shall be solely responsible for their use of the content of the Site or the consequences of the decisions they make based on this content, and that the Site Owner or other third parties who are content owners shall not be held responsible.
  • Users agree that there may be links on the Site allowing access to another website or content, that their control, accuracy, or adequacy is not related to the Site Owner, and that the Site Owner does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in these websites or applications, and has no commitment on or responsibility for the content, applications, products, and services at these addresses.
  • In case Users violate the Terms of Use in any way, engage in any other activity that may hinder the operation of the Site, impose a disproportionate burden on the Site, or engage in activities that violate or may violate the rights of third parties, the User’s use of the Site may be suspended temporarily or permanently. In this case, the User may not claim any damage or compensation from the Site Owner.
  • We hereby inform you that the Site and/or Site Owner cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for any damage, loss, expense, or any other claim that may arise from the actions of Users or third parties, and shall not be responsible for any damage to your computer’s hardware or your other assets due to your access to or use of the Site or your downloading of any audio, image, or any information or document containing text from this Site. Any risk arising from the Use of this Site and uploading data solely belongs to the User, and Users are solely responsible for providing, maintaining, and updating all the software and hardware required to prevent malicious or harmful codes or materials, ensuring the accuracy of data input and outputs, or recovering any lost data.


All personal information concerning Registered Users is kept in a secure area. Personal information such as the credit card details of Registered Users is secured with secure server software (SSL). The Registered User shall be solely responsible for ensuring the security of their username and password on the website after logging in, and preventing the disclosure of such information to others.

As a precaution, your credit card details are not recorded in the system during purchases.

At a certain stage of the transactions to be performed via, Registered Users will be required to log in and complete the transaction by entering their personal information. In case a shared computer is used, the User should log out once the transaction is complete. The Registered User may not share with others the password they set/changed when registering as a user. The right to use this password may only be exercised by the Registered User. Otherwise, Istanbul Modern shall not be responsible for the transactions of the Registered User or for any transactions that third persons may make in relation to the service purchased.

Istanbul Modern AR (Augmented Reality) Application:

The User may use the Istanbul Modern Augmented Reality (AR) experience application published on Google and Apple application stores by giving the following permissions:

  • Camera permission to experience Augmented Reality, and
  • Gallery permissions to save photos taken in the application.

With the permissions you grant, Istanbul Modern AR app does not access or store any of your personal data or share it with third party institutions or organizations.

The document setting out Istanbul Modern’s terms relating to the protection and processing of personal data is available at

The Site or Istanbul Modern AR app may provide links to third-party websites that may offer various products, services, and/or information. Your use of these third-party websites is subject to separate terms and conditions, data collection practices, and other provisions, and the Site has no authority over such environments. Therefore, the User is responsible for reviewing the data protection policies of the relevant environments and performing the necessary checks before using any third-party service.

The Site takes care to protect children’s privacy and not to knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age. In any case, Users are advised not to share the personal information of children. As the rules of Google and Apple application stores apply to the Istanbul Modern AR app, the User must review the relevant data protection policies before using the application and comply with these policies.

Legal Notices:

  • The content of the Site or the pieces of software may not be partially or completely modified, reproduced, processed, deleted, distributed, or otherwise subjected to any use or exploitation that exceeds personal and normal/legitimate use, and/or to unfair competition. The numbers or codes representing the content of the Site and the pieces of software contained in the content may not be interfered with, removed or modified, converted back into source code and/or object code, or reverse engineered. This Site may not be redirected, otherwise displayed, or hyperlinked in any way for any purpose using framing or similar navigation technologies, without the written consent of the Site Owner. Acting otherwise constitutes a crime under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and other legal regulations.
  • Users are obliged to comply with all legal regulations (all regulations, especially the Turkish Criminal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Code of Obligations, the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed By Means of Such Publication, the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, and the Industrial Property Law) and are directly responsible for their consequences.
  • The Site may contain any content items (works, books, designs, photos, texts, videos, information, comments, opinions, news stories, images, pictures, trademarks, logos, shapes, graphics, other works and elements, and database items) owned by the Site Owner and/or a third person or organization, all of which are protected under the Intellectual Property Law and other legal regulations. Therefore, Users have no rights or authorities regarding intellectual property rights relating to the use of such content items, other than the exceptions explicitly listed in the legal regulation. It should be noted that intellectual property rights are of particular importance due to the content of the Site, and that any violation of intellectual property rights will constitute a grave violation of the rights of not only the Site Owner, but also other work owners and right holders such as authors/publishers/designers and will cause civil and criminal liability to the Site Owner and other work owners/right holders.
  • Users are deemed to have accepted and warranted that any use of the content of the Site (any modification, duplication, reproduction, downloading, uploading, processing, adaptation, dissemination, publication, communication to the public, representation, and any other use and interference) without obtaining the prior written consent of or entering into a contract with the Site Owner and/or other third-party work owners and right holders of works, productions, publications, designs, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property in accordance with the conditions set out in the legal regulation, except for legal use exceptions, is unlawful, constitutes a crime, and leads to civil and criminal liability, that they shall take care to avoid such actions, and that they shall not engage in any act or action that constitutes competition in violation of intellectual property rights and/or unfair competition, by any means.
  • Users who use the services offered on the Site agree to comply with all relevant regulations and any announcements and notifications to be published by the Site. Site Users shall bear any civil, criminal, and financial liability that may arise from any use in violation of these notifications or laws. 

In addition to their commitment to comply with all of the legal notices set out above, by using or accessing this Site, Users accept and warrant:

  1. that they shall not violate any applicable laws, international agreements, or the laws of any other state in any way,
  2. that they shall not transmit any message, information, data, text, software, image, or any other type of material that violates laws or international agreements; is harmful, threatening, offensive or profane, abusive or harassing, tortious or libelous, vulgar, obscene, disparaging, deceptive, or misleading; may violate another person’s privacy or intellectual property rights or the confidentiality of another person’s personal data; or otherwise gives rise to any civil or criminal liability on the part of the User in any other way,
  3. that they shall not embed malicious codes or materials in the Site or transmit them to the Site, and
  4. that they shall not use the communication features of the Site in any way that restricts or prevents other users’ access to the Site’s resources by any means.