"Selma Gürbüz: This Place We Call World" Exhibition Event


Selma Gürbüz’s Time and Space

Online Conversation with Fisun Yalçınkaya

Friday, May 27, 2021, 18.00

The conversation will be held in Turkish on Istanbul Modern's YouTube channel. 

As part of “Selma Gürbüz: This Place We Call World” exhibition, writer and editor Fisun Yalçınkaya and the exhibition’s curator Öykü Özsoy are in online conversation on Istanbul Modern’s YouTube channel.

In Selma Gürbüz's practice, journeys become a means to find “different cycles, different stories”. The sense of movement that dominates all of her works is an indication that transformations are shaped by both temporal and spatial journeys. The artist states, “I feel as if I belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time”, and emphasizes the significance of encounters in her works. The influences from mythologies and the people she encountered during her travels inhabit a unique structure within her art. Based on these, the conversation deals with the importance of both temporal and spatial journeys in Gürbüz's practice.

Fisun Yalçınkaya graduated from the Department of Sociology at Istanbul University, and worked at the department of culture and arts of Sabah newspaper between 2009-2013. Between 2013-2019, she worked in the department of culture and arts at Milliyet newspaper and as the editor of plastic arts at Milliyet Sanat magazine. The articles she wrote during these years have appeared in numerous publications. Yalçınkaya, who has been working at Yapı Kredi Publications and as the editor of Sanat Dünyamız magazine since 2019, continues her studies in the Master of Design Program at Kadir Has University.


You can find the conversation link on this page on the day of the event.


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