"Selma Gürbüz: This Place We Call World" Exhibition Event


Face of the earth, eye of the sky, hands of the water: Selma Gürbüz's atlas of life and death

Online Conversation with Evrim Altuğ

Friday, January 22, 2021, 17.30

The conversation will be held in Turkish on Istanbul Modern's YouTube channel. 

Öykü Özsoy, the curator of the “Selma Gürbüz: This Place We Call World” exhibition, and Evrim Altuğ, culture & art journalist and critic, will give a live online talk on Selma Gürbüz’s artistic practice and the themes included in the exhibition, to be broadcast from Istanbul Modern’s temporary exhibition halls.

Selma Gürbüz’s "This Place We Call World" exhibition, which opened at Istanbul Modern on November 5, 2020, showcases the artist’s oeuvre over the past thirty five years through the framework of a number of themes.

Taking inspiration from the world we live in and merging it with her own fantasy realm, Selma Gürbüz creates a mysterious and colorful universe in which symbols and stories regarding humanity, nature and life come alive. Centering on works never before exhibited, "This Place We Call World" presents Selma Gürbüz’s elaborately crafted works woven with myths, legends and fairy tales. Ranging from paintings to installations, drawings, videos and sculptures, the exhibition includes more than a hundred works by the artist.

Culture & art journalist and critic Evrim Altuğ wrote articles for Milliyet Sanat, Sanat Dünyamız, Radikal, Birgün, Sabah and Cumhuriyet newspapers, and worked as the culture and arts chief and reporter for Cumhuriyet newspaper. He was one of the founding members of the International Association of Art Critics - AICA in Turkey. Altuğ continues to write culture and art pieces for print and digital media such as Art Unlimited, Gazete Duvar, Hürriyet Kitap-Sanat and Arkas News. He continues to work on the Yolgeçen and Açık Magazine programs at Açık Radyo, and as the gallery director at Zilberman İstanbul.


You can find the conversation link on this page on the day of the event.


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