"Guests: Artists and Craftspeople" Online Screening


September 28 – October 18, 2020

An online conversation, between exhibition curators Öykü Özsoy and Ümit Mesci and the International Artist Residency Program project advisor Aslı Kıyak İngin, was held on September 30. Istanbul Modern’s YouTube channel will screen “Performing Artin”, the video produced by Aslı Kıyak İngin and Sevgi Ortaç for the “Crafting Neighborhood” project, exhibited in the 1st Istanbul Design Biennial.


Performing Artin, 2012


15' 57''

Aslı Kıyak İngin, Sevgi Ortaç

Supporter: 1st Istanbul Design Biennial

In this video, Master Artin* recounts in his own way the story of his life and craftsmanship in Galata, where he began working in the 1970s. The story begins with Artin Aharon finding an ashtray made by Master Onnik Babikyan, with whom he apprenticed and who was behind his move to Galata. Master Artin talks about everything from his conversations with Master Onnik to the craft neighborhoods of Şişhane, Galata, Perşembe Pazarı and other districts; his father's military suitcase, and his own productions. Artin Aharon and his unique stories, as well as the many different objects and photographs inside his workshop, are important records of Istanbul craftsmanship and living cultural heritage.

*Master Artin worked together with artist Benji Boyadgian on his project titled “Reverberation” during his residency in Istanbul as part of the International Artist Residency Program. The video documenting Artin Aharon and Benji Boyadgian’s collaborative process can be viewed until October 18 as part of the “Guests: Artists and Craftspeople” exhibition at Istanbul Modern.

The content created within the scope of the International Artist Residency Program project, supported by Istanbul Development Agency, does not reflect the view of Istanbul Development Agency or the Ministry of Industry and Technology; Istanbul Foundation for Modern Art is solely responsible for any and all content.







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