"Caution! Slippery Ground" Exhibition Events


Speakers from the fields of architecture, design, and culture will be invited to “Salon Talks” to be held throughout the Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition. Unlike the usual panel discussions and seminars, these talks will involve a conversation among participants on a certain topic. The Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition aims to create a platform for discussion, and these talks will be instrumental in bringing back as an agenda item the issues the exhibition touches upon. The exhibition venue will double as a space for talks, turning speakers and the audience into elements of the exhibition.


The events will be held in Turkish in the Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition space (the Pop-up Exhibition Area). 


We are capable of catering for all our needs (!)


March 26 Thursday 2015, 18.00

Moderator: H. Cenk Dereli

Speakers: Damjan Jovanovic, Demetra Vogiatzaki, DEPURati, Yelta Köm

The first Salon Talk will host some of the participants of the Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition, where they will discuss their approach to architecture and the relationship architecture establishes with other disciplines.


Turning Architecture Inside Out


Thursday, April 16, 18.00

Moderator: Cansu Cürgen

Speakers:Hakan Demirel,Önen Günöz,Gamze İşcan, Meriç Öner, Can Sucuoğlu, Sevgi Türkkan

The exhibition entitled Caution! Slippery Ground rises on axes that intersect and become ambiguous at the edges. Caution! Slippery Ground does not voice a single main idea, instead attempts to represent a fragmented structure. It revolves around architecture, reveals what architectural culture and the rituals and symbols of this culture are, and questions how architecture cultivates its own culture and architecture’s new modes of existence. Based on this very issue, the second Salon Talk opens a discussion on the different modes of existence of architecture with the contribution of speakers practicing/thinking in different areas of architecture.



The workshops held as part of the Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition aim to introduce students and all interested parties to the exhibition while also examining the future of the architectural culture through a critical framework. Students from a variety of departments will be able to participate in these workshops that aim to produce critical output concerning the exhibition. The participants will create works on how the culture of architecture can be variegated and on the type of milieu the architect character of the future will live in.

The workshops will be held in Turkish in the Multipurpose Hall. 


I study Architecture. I’m in shock.


Thursday, April 16, 13.00-17.00

Workshop Coordinator: Mihriban Duman

Even though it is not entirely clear what is meant by “architectural culture,” it obviously refers to some form of transmission. In this case, formal architectural training is part of that transmission. How about we go with the story and take being part of architectural training as becoming acquainted with a new culture? Can we then talk about a “culture shock” that occurs during the educational process? Which is it that causes the shock: “the ground may cause you to slip” or “caution! slippery ground”? 


Freak, Spectacle, Architecture


Thursday, May 14, 13.00-17.00

Workshop Coordinators: Alican İnal, Oğul Öztunç

We go to circuses to see freaks. Freaks are unexpected and alien. What turns a freak into a spectacle for us is the curiosity we feel for their differentness. This curiosity usually arises from morphological alienness. Producing differentness is also one of the current aims of architecture. This is the basis of the analogy between the Circus and the Freak. Freaks attract attention. Attracting attention is a means of advertising. The most “architect” of today’s architects are those who can dream up these means as well as have them built. As the level of freakishness increases, so does fame and fees. The need to be different may increase so much that city authorities may plan to have a whole section of their city designed by a famous architect. Freakishness adds value to land.




APRIL 2 Thursday 2015, 11.00 – 17.00


Participating in the Caution! Slippery Ground exhibition, The DEPURati team is an Italian group of five members based in Rome, staging performances and carrying out creative work on space. In this performance, they will create an aura in their own exhibition space (“Beyond Babel”) using shamanistic rituals and stage a performance by provoking the visitors.