We Meet

We Meet

For children with special learning needs and their families.

“We Meet” aims to create diverse areas for children with special learning needs in which they can experiment within a physical, social, and intellectual context. Made possible with the collaboration of NGOs, special needs schools, and high schools, the program helps children with special learning needs to actively participate in life and socialize while enabling them to enrich their lives through art.

The education program “We Meet” includes museum activities and online family programs.

Istanbul Modern’s education program “We Meet” is a free program for children and young people with special learning needs.

The program is offered through educational institutions and organizations supporting education.

For further information: 0212 334 73 41 or egitim@istanbulmodern.org

Museum Activities

The museum activities of the “We Meet” education program is founded on the principle of inclusive education. The program offers diverse activities in which children with special learning needs work together with young volunteers. Activities that support the children’s development help young people assume social responsibility in cultural life and cultivate a tolerance for individual differences.

Online Family Programs

The online activities of the “We Meet” education program offer children and their families an entertaining art workshop. The program begins with a brief presentation focusing on the concepts of color and shape after which the children, with the help of their families, follow the steps shown by the museum educator and complete their art projects.