The Party Has Just Started (From the series Crash by Paul McCarthy)

Horasan, 1965

The Party Has Just Started (From the series Crash by Paul McCarthy), 2009

Horasan graduated from the Department of Graphic Arts within the Fine Arts Faculty at Marmara University in 1986, and continues to live and work in Istanbul. His training has provided him with the skills to work in original edition printing, painting, illustration, photography, and typography, all techniques that impact his style of painting.

Horasan’s practice of utilizing his own representational approach to restructure various works that he encounters as a viewer are evident in his works. He merges his own representational methods with the artists he focuses on as well as their works. Horasan’s works, which are created using a variety of techniques, can be considered as both two-dimensional presentations of different subjects and reflections of the interaction of these works with the artist’s world of thought.

His series “Crash” grew out of his interpretations of visuals he took from the works of artists who influenced him. The works in the “From Paul McCarthy” series depict tense images which McCarthy produces from his subconscious, generally outbursts of crude behaviour or sometimes an excessively manifested body and sexuality. Horasan has also referred to these ideas in his art, which leads him to an exploratory investigation that lays the groundwork for confrontation and crash. The unease of a figure trying to remove the mask from his face by tearing it to pieces and the unmitigated discomfort of a character who transforms a cauldron into a toilet are some of the performances that McCarthy realised in narrow spaces.




Oil on canvas

Credit Line

Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation Collection
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art / Long-term loan