Table II

Ahmet Doğu İpek, 1983

Table II, 2017

Born in 1983 in Adıyaman, Ahmet Doğu İpek graduated from the Ataturk Faculty of Education at Marmara University and now lives and works in Istanbul.

In his two-dimensional designs Doğu, uses traditional techniques and a detailed representational style, utilizing materials like watercolor and charcoal in a monochrome language. His subject matter focuses on today, and offers insight on local history through social and political angles. Frequently structured as series, his works are composed of recurring essential elements that make the issues he is interested in continuously and dramatically visible. The stories, depicted with a simple expression, involve elements that allow viewers to make connection to elements of their daily lives, such as nature.

The second work from the “Table” series is “Table II,” made of walnut, and the intended subject is the destruction of nature for the sake of creating material objects people consume in daily life. The interventions created from the decorative elements found in nature and the unformed tree highlight process and the practice of fine art, making the viewer think about the relationship between raw and refined, natural and imitation. As the tree is taken away from the context of its natural environment, it gains a new and multidimensional richness from its network of relations to the world shaped by humans.




Hand-carved walnut

Credit Line

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection