Restless Landscape

Bengü Karaduman, 1974

Restless Landscape, 2017

Through her art practice, Bengü Karaduman seeks to portray the social and psychological impact created by events that have been cemented in social memory, and to investigate these events through design, sculpture, and video installations. Her primary references are to the dream journals she has been keeping since 2009. When the artist decided to record experiences she acquires consciously or unconsciously, she began depicting the scenes and patterns that occur in her dreams first as text, and then as drawings, thus creating a visual journal. With the assistance of computer animation, the two-dimensional drawings take on a new, imagined dimension.

The media installation “Restless Landscape” consists of an animation comprising four themes containing elements distilled from the world that surrounds us. The broken mirrors on the ground and the audio track of the composition that Karaduman digitally added to her animation guide the viewer to look deeper into the moving image. Expressive patterns dominate the installation, which includes abstract landscape themes titled “Wet Light,” “The Sea Waves,” “Fog Birds” and “Metal Work.” Open as it is to poetic, metaphorical, and sensory interpretation, “Restless Landscape” encourages us to confront our own awareness and emotions, and personal and universal circumstances.


Film / Video


Media installation: Video and broken mirrors. Video: Full HD 2D & 3D animation Video, sound, vocals: Bengü Karaduman



Credit Line

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection

Acquired by the Women Artists Fund.

2017 members of the Women Artists Fund

Mehveş Arıburnu, Işık Keçeci Aşur, Berrak Barut, Banu Çarmıklı, Oya Eczacıbaşı, Hatice Meriçten, Beril Miskavi, Meltem Demirören Oktay, Ebru Özdemir, Nesrin Sarıoğlu, Müge Sevil, Rana Erkan Tabanca, Türkan Özilhan Tacir