Seçkin Pirim, 1977

Deep, 2012

Born in 1977 in Ankara, Seçkin Pirim spent his childhood in artists’ studios. He earned his BA and MA from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Department of Sculpture.

Pirim’s works examine the resistance people develop to the controlling powers of social and individual structures that affect them . His sculptures question the struggle between life’s free, flexible, and slippery side and its organized, rational side. While highlighting concepts of time, change, and integration, the works evoke humankind’s technology-based world. The forms within the whole of each piece are rendered invisible: they are repeated modular units, reproduced scrupulously, without a hint of chance. He thus seeks to show, through a hypnotic effect, the struggle and confrontations of the individual who seeks unboundedness within boundaries.

In his paper work “Deep”, which focuses on the effect of time on people, the rhythm created by pure modular units brings a three-dimensional movement and aspect to the work, adding depth towards the dark center. Its structural qualities and technical solutions challenge the limits of perception.


Work on Paper


Metallic paint on paper

Credit Line

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection

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