VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series Presents: DREAMS TO REALITIES

VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series Presents: DREAMS TO REALITIES Projections On Education

Istanbul Modern hosts the third part of the VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series, initiated by VitrA and the Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice. The project series aimed to document, debate and form a platform for further work in the field of contemporary architecture in Turkey by concentrating on different structure types.


Five exhibitions took place within the VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series between 2012 and 2016. Exhibitions such as "Happiness Factories" (2012), which focused on commercial buildings; "Please Do Not Disturb" (2013), addressing the concept of holiday; "Dreams to Realities" (2014), offering projections on education; "Caution! Slippery Ground" (2015), analyzing the culture of architecture; and finally "Don’t Be Late Home" (2016), which aimed to reflect the adventure of homes, all welcomed visitors within that scope. In addition to exhibitions, public programs and film screenings rendered visible reflections on the subjects at hand and focused on their evolutions.


"Dreams to Realities" invited the audience to think and develop dreams on education. Presenting education from the viewpoint of students at schools and apprentices learning a craft at workshops, the interactive exhibition stated that the main purpose of education is to enable a person to display their power to change their lives, and environment by drawing attention to the unique value of each individual.



Curator: Şebnem Yalınay Çinici

Exhibition Coordinator: Pelin Derviş

Exhibition Team: Alexis Şanal, Alper Derinboğaz, Aslı Kıyak İngin, Avşar Gürpınar, Bager Akbay, Benay Gürsoy Toykoç, Candaş Şişman, Deniz Tekkul, Elif Erdoğan, Fulya Özsel Akipek, Gençer Yurttaş, İdil Erkol, İdil Üçer Karababa, Osman Koç, Refik Anadol, Salih Küçüktuna, Sevgi Ortaç, Tansel Atasagun, Tuğrul Yazar, Yücel Tunca