World Art Day


April 15, 2014

Istanbul Modern celebrates World Art Day. On Tuesday, April 15, admission to Istanbul Modern is free. Also on the occasion, the museum is open until 22.00, enabling the visitors to have a museum experience that extends into the night. 


April 18, 2014, 15.00

“Leonardo and his Turkish Connections”

On the occasion of World Art Day, and in collaboration with the UNESCO partner International Association of Art, Istanbul Modern hosts a lecture on Leonardo da Vinci by artist, author, and scientist Professor Bülent Atalay, described by NPR, the Washington Post, and the National Geographic Society as a “Modern Renaissance Man.”

Known as a supreme artist, Leonardo da Vinci was also a genius who contributed invaluable inventions to history. Like a modern scientist, he studied nature and made careful observations, sought mathematical proofs, and recorded all his findings. Some of his discoveries were a source of inspiration which paved the way for scientists such as Galileo, Newton, and Darwin. Just as his science was nourished by his art, so is the impact of science felt in his artwork. Professor Bülent Atalay’s lecture will also feature an extensive visual presentation.


Professor Bülent Atalay

Born in Ankara, Bülent Atalay lived in the USA and the UK from age 13. He studied at the universities in Georgetown, Berkeley, Princeton, and Oxford. A professor of physics at the University of Mary Washington and the University of Virginia, and the author of “Math and the Mona Lisa” and “Leonardo’s Universe”, Atalay is also a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

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