Soundtracks on Gramophone Records

Thursday, September 25, 19.00

To commemorate the 10th year of Istanbul Modern, Gökhan Akçura and Cemal Ünlü went through the gramophone record archives, and collected the songs from the early days of Turkish cinema for the two anniversary exhibitions, One Hundred Years of Love: The Affair between Film and Audience in Turkey and Plurivocality: Visual Arts and Music in Turkey. On the first day of the One Hundred Years of Love exhibition there will be a live listening event, which will present a wide variety of gramophone records from Muhsin Ertuğrul’s operettas, the songs Münir Nurettin performed in the film Mineli Kuş (Enamelled Song) by Nazım Hikmet, to the songs Hafız Burhan and Müzeyyen Senar performed in Arabic films. The closing of the event will be on Zeki Müren’s Beklenen Şarkı (The Awaited Song). The Repertoire project of the Plurivocality exhibition also presents Zeki Müren’s performance of Beklenen Şarkı from the eponymous film, surveys Nazım Hikmet and studies the period’s operettas via other audiovisual materials.

The event is free of charge. The event will take place in the Repertoire area at the entrance of the Plurivocality exhibition.



Zeki Müren and Cahide Sonku in a still of the movie “Beklenen Şarkı” 1953, produced and directed by Sonku.