Anthony Cragg: Documentary screening

Anthony Cragg: Documentary screening

“Human Nature” Exhibition Event

Istanbul Modern Cinema

January 3, 2019, 17.00

Within the scope of the exhibition “Anthony Cragg: Human Nature”, Istanbul Modern presents the documentary Anthony Cragg: Parts of the World, directed by Ralph Goertz.

Shot in Cragg’s studio in Wuppertal, Germany, the documentary focuses on the artist’s production in the studio. The processes of organic and inorganic materials turning into sculptures are conveyed alongside the various techniques used by those involved in the stages of production of his works. In the diverse spaces of his studio, the artist introduces us to his thought-world as well as his approaches to art.

The screening is free of charge.

Anthony Cragg: Parts of the World

Germany | Video 39’09’’, 2016 | Color, Sound | HDD

Director: Ralph Goertz


Photos: Isabel Hernandez/Ralph Goertz © IKS.