1st Istanbul Design Biennial Exhibition Events

Panel: Thursday, 29 November 2012, 10.00-12.30

What is happening in the Creative Industries Sector in Turkey?

Organizer: Association of Creative Industries Council

The Association of Creative Industries Council (YEKON), founded by non-governmental organizations resulting from the disciplines performing studies in the Turkish creative industries sector, will give information about the purpose and mission of the foundation and discuss their work on the regulations concerning the new Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works within the panel to be organized during Istanbul Design Biennial. In order to unite, as NGOs, to develop the interdisciplinary cooperation within the creative industries sector; to perform actions for common targets; to make creativity a preferred value; and to enhance competitiveness of the sector in global markets, YEKON brings the required actions into question and seeks an answer for these questions:

What are the purposes of YEKON, which is founded by 11 NGOs and about to expand with new members, and what should be their targets? Why does the education system for creative industries have to be more creative, inquisitive and innovative? What will change with the new Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works? What did and will YEKON do for amendment of this law, and what is their purpose? How can creative industries and YEKON provide added value to Turkish industry and economy?


Panel: Sunday, 2 December 2012, 14.00-17.00

Industrial Design in the Triangle of Art, Craft and Innovation

Organizer: Industrial Designers Society (ETMK)

Today, roles of industrial designers are changing. Industrial design was perceived as a more technical discipline in the profession’s history; however, just as in the rest of the world, today’s industrial designers are more preferred in Turkey as well - for the projects which have a marketing-based view and a conceptual, innovative and futuristic claim. As industrial designers begin to create different fields for themselves under these unstable market conditions, the profession's limits are expanding. The panel organized by Industrial Designers Society (ETMK) at the biennial examines the intersection of industrial design with art, craft and innovation; their overlaps and differences, as well as looking for the answers of these questions: How should industrial design gain a place in the network of invention, technology and engineering? How are these relations positioned in the world? How should designers position themselves against craft and art, while participating in projects that combine craft and art, and trying to make room for themselves in different fields by designing and producing their own products? Is a craftsman a designer as well, or can a designer be a craftsman, or does he/she have to be? How and to what extent can craft affect design? How close is an industrial designer to these concepts?  In which situations does design coincide with art? Can design be “art” and designer “artist” as well? Where should we Turkish designers stand in this triangle, considering the expanding limits? How should Turkish designers be trained, so that they contribute to Turkish economy, find a place in the market and get employed? Should we have a predominant point in this triangle?


1st Istanbul Design BienniaI Film Screening Program

Saturday, 1 December 2012, 17.00

Welcome to Macintosh

Robert Baca, 90’, USA, 2008, English

Welcome to Macintosh combines history, criticism, and revelry in this ostensibly impartial documentary about the Apple brand and its products. Whether diehard Mac fanatic or Luddite, this movie invites the audience to explore the many ways the World has been changed by the corporation once known as Apple Computer. This is a humorous and historical journey from the first days of Apple-I to the all-encompassing user experiences that the company offers today.


Screenings are free of charge for the Design Bienial or Istanbul Modern visitors.