Long Friday with Mastercard: May 2024

May 17, 2024
Long Friday with Mastercard: May 2024

Fridays are now longer in Istanbul Modern’s museum building, designed by Renzo Piano…

As part of Istanbul Modern's "Long Friday" program, Asena Akan Contempo music ensemble featuring Asena Akan on vocals and bass guitar, Barış Güvenenler on cello, Barış Ünal on acoustic guitar and Tanju Eren on electric guitar will meet visitors with an impressive performance on Friday, May 17. The quartet will perform original compositions by Asena Akan inspired by the traditional minstrel culture of Türkiye.

Before the concert, a sound workshop titled "Tune Yourself" will be held under the direction of Asena Akan. In the workshop, participants will be presented with an environment in which they will feel like a musical instrument, and experience the notions of communication and bonding, emotions, potentials, and creativity musically. Participants will gain practical knowledge that they can use to integrate music as a language, a tool, and a model into their lives while focusing on the feeling of being "tuned."

May 17, Program

18.00 Sound Workshop: “Tune Yourself”
19.00 Open Air Concert - Asena Akan Contempo

The event will be standing-room only; no seating is available. 
The workshop is free for visitors who have reservations and museum tickets.
No reservation is required to attend the concert, and it is free of charge for visitors with a museum ticket.
The concert is not suitable for children under 8 years old.
Photography and video shooting permissions will be requested from the workshop participants.
Istanbul Modern entrance fee is 50% off for Mastercard holders on Fridays between 18.00–20.00.*

*Valid for the first 150 visitors who have Mastercard issued by a Turkish bank and visit between 18.00–20.00. Cannot be combined with other offers.