Corporate events, receptions, product launches, award ceremonies, saminars, conferences and meetings can be organized.

Graduation, wedding , engagement ceremonies are not allowed to be organized in the museum.

It is mandatory to work with the supplier of the muesum for catering; sound, light and area decoration services can be planned by event organizer.

Private exhibition tours can be organized for the event guests after the museum is closed.

Museum restaurant can be privately closed for the events only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Yes, the museum is available for full-day events and area preparations can be made one day before, if needed, for a certain fee.

Inspection visits can be planned from Monday to Friday between 09:00-18:00 with the assistance of museum’s event team. You need to make an appointment for the inspection at least before 48 hours.

Security, cleaning, utility and technical services are included for the events held in the museum’s working hours. Cloakroom service is not included.

Event Rooms, Viewing Terrace, Outside Event Space and Auditorium can be rented due to event type when the museum is open.

Museum has a right to book multiple events in the same day if there is unbooked event spaces. However, the museum will work on preventing the conflicts of the event groups.

Event inquiries for more than one day will be evaluated by the muesum administration.

10% discount is applied for NGO events excluding May, June, September, October and December.

Donations can be evaluated for some occasions. Political and religious events are not allowed.

It’s not allowed to use flammable materials such as candles, sparklers, fireworks as well as laser, balloon, sound machine, confetti, gilding, flowers etc.

No, you can only visit the exhibition area.

Please contact the event team for more information.

No. Event organizers can use Galataport’s valet service.

No. Event organizers can use Galataport’s valet service.

To get more information about corporate and special events you can organise at Istanbul Modern;

Eda Dalçam 
Events Director

Ezgi Çağlar
Event Operations Manager