Stüdyo STEAM

Stüdyo STEAM

For young people aged 15 and older and adults

Stüdyo STEAM Invites Young People and Adults to Build Mechanisms of Art

“Purposeless Machines”

Istanbul Modern’s learning space for young people and adults, Stüdyo STEAM, launches its second educational program titled “Purposeless Machines” with the support of P&G Oral-B iO. Based on interdisciplinary STEAM education, this program combines engineering and art. Touching upon established rules, culture, standardization, and perspectives regarding design and production processes, the program invites participants to develop mechanisms to tell their own stories with an artistic nuance through an inspiring learning environment and educational tools.

For young people and adults to create artistic works with materials reminiscent of those used in industrial production, “Purposeless Machines” is developed by interdisciplinary artist Bilal Yılmaz in collaboration with Stüdyo STEAM Education Consultant artist Bager Akbay. “Purposeless Machines” includes educational tools produced exclusively for the program, as well as inspiring installations designed specifically for the program by Bilal Yılmaz.

Supervised by Istanbul Modern’s museum experts, the program begins with a brief presentation about creative engineering ideas and inventive artists. Participants compare and interpret the nature of disciplines through examples from the histories of art, engineering, and technology. Continuing with the exploration of “Serial Craft – IM,” a kinetic installation by Bilal Yılmaz created from pulleys and belts for Stüdyo STEAM, as well as the artist’s sound-generating installation titled “Acoustic iO,” the program concludes with participants developing their own art projects.

Exclusive wall installation for Stüdyo STEAM: “Serial Craft – IM”

Artist Bilal Yılmaz’s production for Stüdyo STEAM, “Serial Craft – IM,” draws attention to the disappearing crafts culture. The installation focuses on a central rotating system operated by pulleys and belts, which made serial production possible in the 19th century. Initially used with steam engines, it later became more widespread with electricity bringing a transformation to which craft studios responded. The installation and the historical photographs the artist selected to display in Stüdyo STEAM remind Istanbul’s old craft studios, which developed pulley and belt systems to operate multiple machines simultaneously, powered by a single electric motor for efficiency. Analyzing the artwork and photographs, participants reflect on the crafts culture and creative thinking practices in engineering and art.

Two art practices that combine engineering and art await participants at Stüdyo STEAM

The hands-on stage of the program commences with experiencing the sound installation “Acoustic iO” designed by the artist. In this installation, which uses the body mechanisms of Oral-B iO rechargeable toothbrush, participants generate acoustic sound compositions by creating resonance through a vibration motor in the objects the artist found. This step of the program prompts participants to contemplate shared concepts of engineering and art such as “tool,” “function,” “purpose,” “outcome,” and “time,” by generating sounds through the mechanism designed by the artist.

The final step of this stage proceeds with the “Serial Craft – KIT” educational set designed by the artist in line with his wall installation. In this exercise, participants work in pairs. Each group operates with a mechanical box designed by the artist and produced by craftspeople in Istanbul. Participants create kinetic forms inspired by the artist’s work “Serial Craft – IM” by connecting motors, pulleys, and belts in their boxes. They complete their kinetic form and mechanism with moving shadows.

Stüdyo STEAM is held on weekdays, except Mondays, at 10.00 and 14.00 for high school and university students. On Saturdays and Sundays at 10.30, the program is held for young people aged 15 and over and at 16.00 for adults. Reservation is required for participation in the free Stüdyo STEAM educational programs.

What is Stüdyo STEAM?

Sponsored by P&G Oral-B iO, Stüdyo STEAM is an interdisciplinary learning space based on STEAM education which combines science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Bringing together young people and adults with art, Stüdyo STEAM’s educational programs with differing curricula every year focus on the relationship of art with biological materials, engineering ideas, and artificial intelligence.

Stüdyo STEAM completed its first educational program titled “Art Production with Biological Materials” with contemporary artist Nergiz Yeşil. With the launch of its second educational program “Purposeless Machines,” Istanbul Modern aims to highlight intersections of engineering, craft, and art. The third program of Stüdyo STEAM is called “Art with Artificial Intelligence.” Stüdyo STEAM supports critical thinking and generating new perspectives, while offering creative and interdisciplinary experiences for participants through its educational programs.

ration with artists, these educational programs combine outcomes-based scientific research methods with process-oriented artistic production techniques. Stüdyo STEAM supports critical thinking and generating new perspectives, while also encouraging participants to make art by creating their own visuals through what they learned in our workshops.