Red emotional globe

Olafur Eliasson, 1967

Red emotional globe, 2010

Born in Denmark in 1967 Olafur Eliasson explores perception, movement, and personal experience through works that strongly impact the spaces and environments they are situated in, integrating with and transforming their particular sites. Whether they are located in museums, galleries, or open spaces, they are inspired by geography, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, bringing science together with illusion, transforming the exhibition space into a playground where the clash of nature and culture is erased. By melding the natural and the artificial, Eliasson opens nature’s known and experienced authenticity up for reevaluation. Whether he is creating a waterfall in a city center or painting a river green, he seeks to add new stories to the history of the site. Materializing exhibition sites with his interactive light, shadow, and scale games, the artist transforms static spaces into living stages that make the viewer part of the work.

“Red emotional globe” is evocative of the world and its continents. It is composed of two layers, the upper of which includes multifaceted geometric shapes and is embellished with colorful stained glass. The semitones that appear with the light reflecting from the mirrors that make up the globe in the bottom layer create a blast of color—a kaleidoscopic universe.




Stainless steel, mirror, color effect filter glass, cable and bulb

Credit Line

Oya – Bülent Eczacıbaşı Collection

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art / Long term loan