Photography in Days of Pandemic

June 1 - November 15, 2020

The whole world is sharing an experience of restricted movement and interaction. We are trying to understand and make sense of existence during this ambiguous, uncanny period, which cannot be easily described. For some, this experience has led to new discoveries; for others, it has provided opportunities to review past practices and give them new meanings.

During the days of confinement to our homes, Istanbul Modern has launched a new initiative that brings people from the field of photography together to think about the question: What does photography mean in challenging times like this?

Istanbul Modern invited 43 artists from different generations to share the work they produce during the pandemic with audiences everywhere via the museum's online platforms.

Let us recall that photographic images are testaments to the present with powerful links to the future. The new meanings we discover from our observations and emotions today create an important and meaningful cultural heritage for future generations.

Istanbul Modern Photography Department and Advisory Board