Canan Tolon, 1955

Manège, 2019

Having studied philosophy, design, interior design, and architecture in cities around the world, Canan Tolon treats architecture as a starting point, frequently using perspectives and multiple vanishing points to explore nature, culture, habitats, industry, and human behaviors. The artist takes inspiration from the changing balances between humans and nature, and the architectural traces borne of this relationship.

Meaning “merry-go-round” in French, “Manège” centers on the spatial illusion created by mirrors places closely to one another. Tolon thus brings an amusement park element—one with an immaterial, fairy-tale-like feeling—into the exhibition space. It suggests the gallery as a place of imagination and entertainment, playing with our perception through the infinitely multiplied image of the singular swing.




Mirror, rope, carpet, led light


300 x 240 cm

Credit Line

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection

Artist donation