80 SW/ Flying Garden/ Air-Port-City

Tomas Saraceno, 1973

80 SW/ Flying Garden/ Air-Port-City, 2007

Born in Argentina in 1973, Tomas Saraceno studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, and undertook postgraduate studies in art and architecture in Buenos Aires and Frankfurt. Architecture is a major reference point for him.

His project “Air-Port-City” from 2007, made of airbags and nets, is a light but massive structure that references atomic forms. Saraceno presents architectural alternatives to our nations about nationality, property, city plans and territorial boundries. He designs technically possible but utopic solutions to our socio-cultural and environmental problems. The “Air-Port-City” project aims to create free-floating international cities that are independent of territorial borders and which redefine political and economical systems. He designs technically feasible utopias in answer to socio-cultural and ecological problems. “The Flying Garden” project is made of garden modules that reflect the intrinsic, chaotic harmony of ecological structures in this new utopia.




80 elliptical pillows, webbing, air, pump

Credit Line

Oya – Bülent Eczacıbaşı Collection
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art / Long term loan

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