Every month, Istanbul Modern Cinema prepares at least one distinctive film program screened on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition to films from the history of cinema, both national and global, we also make room for local and international contemporary productions. Some of these programs complement ongoing exhibitions at Istanbul Modern; others are stand-alone programs that may feature their own exhibitions, publications, and talks on film history and contemporary cinema culture.

Istanbul Modern Cinema’s series Rendezvous with Directors features the entire filmography of a director from Turkey’s contemporary film culture with a distinctive artistic identity and original approach. This program also hosts panel discussions with the director and cast members of films. The program Count Us In!, held in autumn, offers the latest examples of cinema in Turkey as well as talks with directors, producers, and cast members. In our All About series, we focus on a pioneering director of world cinema and present a broad retrospective of their filmography. Moreover, every year in January, we present the program The Foreigners of the Oscars, a broad selection of films nominated for the Academy Award for “Best International Feature”.  

Istanbul Modern Cinema also collaborates with various festivals and cultural institutions worldwide to present selections from the cinema of different countries as well as thematic film programs.



  • Admission fee to Istanbul Modern Cinema is 26 TL.

  • All screenings are free of charge on Thursdays for residents of Turkey.

  • For our visitors who would like to attend a screening on the day of their museum visit, one cinema coupon is included in the museum admission fee. Please pick up a coupon for 26 TL for each other screening taking place on the same day from the museum desk.

  • Screenings are free of charge for members. Click here for further information on the Istanbul Modern Membership Program.

To enjoy your cinema experience;

  • We remind you to obtain your cinema coupons from the museum desk and that there are limited number of coupons for each screening due to the seating capacity. 

  • Admission coupons are available only on the day of the screening and are only for one screening. Please pick up a separate coupon for each screening you would like to attend.

  • Please be ready at the foyer at least 15 minutes before the screening begins. Unclaimed seats will be released to visitors next in line.

  • Admittance is not permitted once the screening starts.

  • As per legal regulations, all our screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.

  • Please note that we do not take reservations. You may pick up museum admission tickets and coupons from the museum desk on the day of the screening.

  • Please note that coupons for film screenings are provided along with an admission ticket. We kindly remind you to obtain admission tickets and coupons only from our museum desk.