Frequently Asked Questions



How do I become a member?

You can start enjoying membership privileges immediately after you make your payment through one of the following channels:

  • By credit card or money order via our website
  • By money order or mail order by contacting our membership team via phone or email
  • By credit card or cash at our museum’s ticket windows

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership by paying online via our website, at our ticket windows, or by contacting our membership team.

Do you offer discounts on membership fees for students, teachers, retirees and seniors?

Students, teachers, retirees, and seniors (65+) can enjoy all the privileges offered by Istanbul Modern’s personal membership for one year at a 50 percent discount. To benefit from this discount it is sufficient to document that you are a student, teacher, retiree, or senior.

Can I offer membership as a gift?

Absolutely! You can offer Istanbul Modern membership as a gift through all of are purchasing channels.

I am a member of Istanbul Modern. The contact information I submitted when applying has changed. What should I do?

You can contact our membership team via phone, fax, or email or update your information at the membership area during your visit to the museum.

Advantages of membership

Why become a member of Istanbul Modern?

By becoming a member of Istanbul Modern you will enjoy a privileged museum experience. Click to learn about all the privileges we offer our members.


I am a member of Istanbul Modern, how often can I visit your museum?

Istanbul Modern members can visit Istanbul Modern as often as they wish for as long as their membership lasts.

What are the members-only activities offered by Istanbul Modern?

Istanbul Modern organizes members-only activities, priority screenings, and guided museum tours. Istanbul Modern members also have the privilege of being invited to exhibition openings.

I am a member of Istanbul Modern; do I have to pay extra for priority screenings and museum tours?

As long as you are an Istanbul Modern member you can visit the museum free of charge. Priority screenings and museum tours are privileges that are offered free of charge to members.

I am a member of Istanbul Modern; how do I receive information about members-only activities?

You can access information about ongoing activities from the member activities page. Istanbul Modern also informs members about members-only activities via email. Please contact us to update your information if you are a member of Istanbul Modern but are not receiving these emails.


What do I do for my name to appear on the members’ wall?

Istanbul Modern shows its appreciation to gold members for their support to modern and contemporary art by adding their names on the sponsor walls on the museum’s upper and lower floor entrances. Click to become a gold member.

Will I receive exhibition catalogs if I become a member of Istanbul Modern?

Istanbul Modern members can buy exhibition catalogs from the museum store at a 10 percent discount. Gold and silver members have all exhibition catalogs sent to their addresses free of charge. Click to become a gold or silver member.

I just became a member via your website. Can I visit your museum for free right away?

Once you have made your payment for membership you can immediately start enjoying membership privileges. You can pick up your membership card at the museum’s ticket windowduring your next visit to the museum.


Membership card

I’ve lost my membership card, what should I do?

If you lose your membership card you must contact us by phone and cancel your card. You can pick up your new card at the museum’s ticket windows.

When I become a member, how long can enjoy the advantages?

Your Istanbul Modern membership is valid for 1 calendar year starting with your payment.

Discounted services

I am a member of Istanbul Modern. Can I bring along a friend on a discount when I visit the museum?

During their visit Istanbul Modern members can have one guest visit with them at a discount.

I am a member of Istanbul Modern. How can I benefit from the discounts for members at the museum store and restaurant?

You can benefit from these discounts upon showing your membership card.

I am a member of Istanbul Modern. Do I enjoy any advantages in your educational programs?

As a member of Istanbul Modern you have priority registration for free activities and educational programs. You can also enjoy a discount on your registration to paid educational activities.

Membership categories

What are the different membership categories?

You can view membership categories and their privileges from the Membership Categories page on our website.

We are a family of four consisting of two adults and two children under 18. Which membership category would you recommend?

Our family membership includes the membership of two adults and two children under 18; gold and silver memberships include three adults and two discounted memberships. We believe that all three membership categories will give you the opportunity to enjoy art in a privileged way. You can view membership categories and their privileges from the Membership Categories page on our website.

Can I change my membership category whenever I please?

You can change your membership type whenever you wish and make a greater contribution to art. Click to change your membership category.



I couldn’t find the answer to my question, how can I contact you?

For all questions about Istanbul Modern membership you can contact us by phone at 0212 334 73 22 or via email at