The Istanbul Modern Library provides resources on modern and contemporary art to visitors and researchers.

The library currently has a growing collection of 11,500 books in Turkish and foreign languages and subscriptions to 24 periodical titles. The library keeps its collection up-to-date by acquiring books and catalogues published by museums, art centers, and galleries in Turkey and abroad. Acquisitions are made via donation, exchange, and collaboration.

The Istanbul Modern Library collection specializes in the following subject areas:

·         History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art

·         Museum and Art Management

·         Artists from Turkey and Abroad

·         Local and International Visual Art Exhibitions

·         Corporate and Private Art Collections

·         Visual Arts

·         Architecture

·         Photography

·         Video, New Media, and Performance Arts

·         Cinema

Bibliographic information for publications in the collection can be accessed through the online catalogues in the library. Located on Istanbul Modern’s lower floor, the library has an open-shelf system which allows readers to access the collection directly.