VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series Presents: CAUTION! SLIPPERY GROUND


An Exhibition on Architectural Culture

26 March – 31 May 2015

Istanbul Modern hosts the fourth exhibition of the VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series, a collaboration of VitrA and the Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice. The project series, which has centered on commercial, touristic, and educational buildings in the past, continues to document and discuss the contemporary architectural milieu in Turkey, and to create the basis for new works by focusing on different types of buildings. 

“Caution! Slippery Ground” is an exhibition that addresses the nature of architects and architecture: an introversive nature that communicates only with itself and holds on unwaveringly to a certain ground. Based on this perspective, the exhibition uncovers symbols and rituals of architectural culture on the one hand, while on the other, it demonstrates that there may exist additional structures lying outside this static received wisdom. This exhibition is a reminder that architecture and architectural culture, instead of being isolated in an ivory tower with a vague location, are always alive and constitute a part of daily life, with everyone participating in this cultural milieu as producers and consumers.

How do architects position themselves in today’s world of culture? What part do they play in the production of culture? How can one overcome this state of impenetrability surrounding architecture and architects? “Caution! Slippery Ground” seeks answers to these and other similar questions. Individuals invited to participate in the exhibition from a variety of backgrounds and regions around the world will answer these questions from their own perspectives. Employing the latest technology and its products, the exhibition will take the visitor on a multidimensional journey that embraces the social and popular aspects of architecture. It will demonstrate, using cultural approaches, how architecture can touch everyone. The exhibition is designed like a culture landscape; it creates an experience space that is not limited to one subject only, where everyone can have a good time. The lectures designed as part of this experience area and events such as workshops will further enrich the exhibition.

The “Caution! Slippery Ground” blog aims to take up the issues addressed by the exhibition and open them to deeper discussion from different angles on the web. The blog will continue to be active after the exhibition, where videos, images, references for the central argument of the exhibition, interviews, and the preliminary stages of the exhibition can also be found. The blog was set up to create a platform for discussion on the main theme of the exhibition, and constitutes the social media part of the exhibition.

Curator: Yelta Köm

Coordinator: Pelin Derviş



Damjan Jovanovic


Epitome {collaborative network}

Günce Eşingen & Gökhan Kınayoğlu

H. Cenk Dereli

Hayrettin Günç



Photography: Sahir Uğur Eren
In partnership with