In The Light of Republic

In the Light of the Republic - The Photographs of Othmar Pferschy

With the Contribution of FORTIS

1 February 2006 - 21 May 2006

There will be a new exhibition in İstanbul Modern between the dates February 1 2006, Tuesday and May 21, 2006 Sunday; "In the Light of the Republic, Photographs by Othmar Pferschy"

The exhibition, which is composed of documentary photographs taken by Othmar Pferschy (1898-1984), one of the pioneers and most important representatives of documentary photography during the Republic Period, is a step that is of utmost importance in the history of Turkish Photography.

Othmar Pferschy, who during the foundation years assumed the important duty of introducing the young Republic and the Turkish people to the world by his photographs, has become a teacher to his successors by instructing them how to look at and how to see a photograph, using his own techniques and his extraordinary understanding of composition. Othmar Pferschy's photographs were used in publications such as books, magazines, on banknotes and on almanacs.

Othmar Pferschy's archive is donated to the photography archive of İstanbul Modern Museum of Art by his daughter Astrid von Schell in May, 2005.

"In the Light of the Republic, Photographs by Othmar Pferschy" exhibition will bring about 170 photographs, printed out from the original negatives of this unique collection, out to daylight.

Curator: Engin ÖZENDES