Collective Ground

“Collective Ground” is a participatory design experiment that uses the resources of the competition to create a platform for potential collaborations. The project proposes subdivision of the site to local collectives, NGOs, student organizations, and personal initiatives. These participants are selected through open calls and direct invitations.

Architecture for All acts as a facilitator by providing a floating canopy for shade, allocating space and budget for each participant, and assisting the design process through workshops. For the summer months, the outputs of these workshops are collected in the project site and used/experienced by the public. When the program ends, they are donated to their designated spots (like schools in villages, NGOs’ education units, or squares in villages) to be used by individual participants.

Rather than a single output, the project is a continuous process of designing, building, and moving several modules. “Collective Ground” uses the imagination of different actors and offers design solutions that respond to their needs and aspirations. It is a strategy to surpass temporal and physical limitations of the competition and use tools of design to create local and social impact.

Herkes İçin Mimarlık 

Herkes İçin Mimarlık(Architecture For All) is a non-profit and independent architecture organization based in Istanbul, devoted to offering architectural solutions to social problems in Turkey and beyond. Promoting participatory design process in architectural education, the association was founded in 2011, and today it has 85 members from various disciplines. Since its foundation, Herkes İçin Mimarlık realizes its projects within a network formed mostly by students from design and architecture faculties in Turkey. 


Project: Architecture for All

Team: Members of Architecture for All and participants