The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art holds exhibitions of modern and contemporary art from Turkey and abroad on several floors of its temporary space in Beyoğlu.

Selections from the Museum Collection are on view on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the museum’s temporary space. Collection exhibitions are changed periodically to demonstrate the great variety of artistic media employed by artists from Turkey since the early 20th century. Informative texts in the galleries outline the main features and evolution of modern and contemporary art in Turkey. Additionally, selected works by artists from other geographies are grouped around intersecting themes with works from Turkey to present a cross section of contemporary art around the world.

On the -1st and 1st floors, the museum presents temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and retrospectives of artists in Turkey. Comprehensive global and regional exhibitions on current issues in visual arts are also held on these floors. The Photography Gallery, on the 4th floor, presents group exhibitions exploring the evolution of photography in Turkey and abroad and the impact of art movements on photography, as well as exhibitions of prominent photographers from Turkey and other geographies.