Atölye Modern


Istanbul Modern’s workshop and seminar program for adults, Atölye Modern, continues its in-person educational programs in its new museum building designed by Renzo Piano.

Atölye Modern’s autumn term consists of programs such as “Creative Writing Workshop” with Mario Levi, “Story and Novel Workshop” with Mario Levi, “History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Türkiye Seminars,” and “Contemporary Art and Artificial Intelligence.” Additionally, a brand-new seminar titled “History of Modernity and Modern Art” also launches with the autumn term of Atölye Modern.

Istanbul Modern awards those who attend all the classes of the seminars an Atölye Modern Participation Certificate.

Atölye Modern seminars are subject to a fee. Participation is limited.

Seminars are in Turkish. 

Individual, Family, Silver, Gold, and Genç Modern members have 10% discount.

For detailed information: +90 212 334 73 52 and


History of Modernity and Modern Art

(10 Weeks)

Atölye Modern launches a new seminar program titled “History of Modernity and Modern Art” in the autumn term. The seminars aim to provide participants with fundamentals about art history and contribute to their interpretation of art.


Creative Writing Workshop
(8 Weeks)

Creative Writing Workshop  is a series of seminars and discussion sessions where different types of writings are shared by all participants under Mario Levi’s guidance. The workshop aims not only to expand the boundaries of participants’ writing in various genres but also to help them know themselves better.


Contemporary Art and Artificial Intelligence

(6 Weeks)

Under contemporary artist and educator Bager Akbay’s supervision, these seminars focus on artists who work with contemporary technologies, how processes of creating art collections change, and the practices of creating digital art collections.


Story and Novel Workshop with Mario Levi

(8 Weeks)

After more than 10 years of its introductory program that addressed various literary genres, Istanbul Modern now offers a workshop in which participants can focus on stories and novels. Those who have completed the Creative Writing Workshop at Atölye Modern or anyone who plans to write a novel or a storybook, or who wants to improve themselves in this regard, can register for the program.


History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Türkiye

(10 Weeks)

In the History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Türkiye seminars, conducted by expert art historians, art’s development in Türkiye is addressed chronologically, starting from the Westernization efforts of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, extending to the 20th century. The first half of the program focuses on the historical contexts of Westernization in the Ottoman Empire and the development of art and the artistic scene in the early Republican times. In its second half, the program discusses the developments of the contemporary art scene in Türkiye after 1950s in detail, touching upon artists, artworks, exhibitions, and institutions.

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