For Families


As part of the safety procedures against the Covid-19 outbreak, guided tours, education programs and events designed for adults and children have been discontinued for now. Please refer to our website and our social media accounts for updates about our events, some of which are continuing online.  


Plan Your Visit to Istanbul Modern


You can plan your museum visit for you and your children by following the steps below:

You can choose beforehand which shows to see at İstanbul Modern the day you visit the museum.

You can learn about the theme, locations, and length of the program Art en Famille and make reservations for the program in which you can participate with your children. 

You can share with your children where Istanbul Modern is located, what kind of museum it is, its history, and what you can see at the museum. 

You can explain rules such as not touching and taking photographs of the artworks in the museum and why.

You can explain to your children that museum viewers need quiet when contemplating artworks and that therefore you must take care not to speak loudly.

When touring the museum with your children before or after your art activity you can refer to the tags of the works and the information on the walls. When viewing the works you can ask your children to describe their surfaces, colors, materials, and the like.

You can ask your children which work impressed them most, get them to interpret the works using their imagination, and ask them to share these interpretations.

You can learn about other activities carried out by the museum’s Education Department and make reservations for your future visits.

You can visit the Istanbul Modern Library and refer to publications on artists that are of interest to you and your children.

After your museum visit, together with your children you can assess the activity in which you participated.