Tony Cragg's "Runner" sculpture takes its place at the entrance of Istanbul Modern's new museum building

A 6-meter-tall work by Tony Cragg, one of the most original and innovative artists in contemporary sculpture, has taken its place on the entrance platform of Istanbul Moderns new museum building, due to open soon.

Tony Cragg’s works feature in the collections of the worlds leading museums and art institutions. The artist has loaned his sculpture Runner” to Istanbul Modern on a long-term basis.

In this sculpture, Cragg wants to show the inner life under a rigid surface, make that energy and motion perceivable.”

Istanbul Modern hosted Cragg once before in 2018 at the museum's temporary space in Beyoğlu. Titled “Human Nature”, the exhibition offered visitors a multi-layered selection of the artist’s works, renowned for redefining sculpture by pushing the boundaries of form, color, and material.

Oya Eczacıbaşı, Chair of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Modern, commented: We are honored to receive this sculpture as a long-term loan ahead of the opening of our museums new building. I believe that this sculpture by Cragg, an artist whose works attract curiosity and interest from every generation, will become one of the symbols of Istanbul Moderns new building.”