What is Genç Modern?

Genç Modern believes that art is participatory. Bringing together a young audience between ages 21 and 40, Genç Modern seeks to establish new and innovative partnerships, which aim to increase contemporary art’s visibility and accessibility by supporting young art enthusiasts and emerging artists.

Contemporary Art’s New Center of Attraction: Istanbul

Since the 2000s, Istanbul has emerged as one of the new center of attraction in the global art world. Visual arts and artists drive the current transformation that is taking place in all fields. Art institutions, galleries, museums, artist initiatives, and the ever-growing collecting culture have all played an active part in forming a new ecosystem. Istanbul is no longer known just for its history but also for its contribution to global contemporary art.

A New Perspective, a New Program

Launched in January 2013, the Genç Modern program aims to bring a new perspective on the visibility and reach of contemporary art by playing an active role in Istanbul’s transformation in the field of art and culture. We continue to bring together the artistic interest and enthusiasm of Istanbul’s young, dynamic generation under the umbrella of Genç Modern, which operates as an affiliate of Istanbul Modern.

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