A guide to watching our online screenings

Can I watch the films from outside of Turkey?

Due to copyright rules and legal requirements, screenings are only open to viewers in Turkey.


I am experiencing technical issues. Who can I contact?

Please first check out the suggestions below. 

• Exit the website, re-enter with your password and start the film.
• Open or close the browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge).
• Restart your computer.
• Try switching your modem off and then restarting it.
• Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your browser.
• Check if there is another program running on the computer or a program that uses Internet bandwidth (downloading).
• Check if there is another device downloading data on your computer network.
• Try a different browser.
• If there is an ad blocker, turn it off. These programs can affect network speed.


My issues are still not resolved, what can I do?

Please send an e-mail to



We strongly remind you that the unauthorized copying, sharing or distribution of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Violations including the capturing of content from the films you are viewing online, and the sharing of these captured images or videos via social media or similar channels are liable to legal action.