Virtual Detectives Picture Gallery

Istanbul Modern invites children who participate in the specially designed virtual tour of the collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present” to reflect on their experience of the tour in their own artworks.

Children can take part in the Virtual Detectives Picture Gallery with artworks which they create using printouts of the activity sheets designed for the Virtual Detectives program, or by drawing inspiration from these sheets.

To participate in the event;

-The form below must be filled by a parent or carer, and photographs of children’s artworks must be uploaded to the gallery in jpg format.

-Click for the activity sheets of the collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present”.

-We also recommend participating in this activity by sharing on your personal social media accounts tagging  @istanbulmodern.


  • Name & Surname: (*)
  • Age: (*)
  • City: (*)
  • E-mail: (*)
  • Mobile Phone:
  • Photo:
    JPEG Only
  • Security Code: (*)
  • Dear parent and participant,

    We would like to thank you for your participation in the “Virtual Detectives” project, organized by the Istanbul Modern Art Foundation, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Economic Enterprise, with your child’s photograph and the photograph of the work s/he produced based on the theme of the project to be published in the following channels, and thus for your support to art and our project.

    In line with our notice during the registration stage, we plan to publish these photographs and your child’s name with Turkish and English translations on the Istanbul Modern website and on the museum’s social media accounts in order for them to be shared with the public. Through the dissemination of this project and our children’s works on recycling, we aim to increase environmental awareness within society. In this regard, we intend to share with the public this awareness project that you are contributing to by uploading your children’s works, through Istanbul Modern or other third parties and institutions permitted by Istanbul Modern, to publish these photographs in physical and digital media (website, press, broadcast, TV, radio, internet, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube channels, etc.), to share with the public, and to be distributed in artistic and cultural works to be carried out by Istanbul Modern.

    Once again, we kindly present our Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data which was presented to you on the website during the download phase.