Virtual Tour of the Collection Exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present” for Children (NEW)

4-12 Year-Olds

Initiated in 2020 by Istanbul Modern, the “Virtual Detectives” Education Program continues to support children’s artistic development through a virtual tour experience specifically designed for them.

This time, the program invites children to discover the collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present” with Turkish and English language options. Focusing on eight different artists and their works, Virtual Detectives offers children a fun adventure in art.




 Puzzle Icon

 Star Icon

 Magnifying Glass Icon

 Eye Icon

 Glossary Icon


Offering clues narrated by Aslıhan Evrensel, the Puzzle Icon gives children information and guides them to the next artwork. Through the Star Icon, the children explore the artworks, solve quizzes, and collect stars for each question they answer correctly. By clicking on the Magnifying Glass Icon, the children can read information about the artworks and learn about the artist’s career. The Eye Icon contains videos about the works presented by museum professionals. By clicking on the Glossary Icon, the children can learn the art terms employed in the tour.  

Participants begin the tour by choosing between the Turkish and English language options. We recommend that 4-7 year-olds participate in this tour with their families, while 8-12 year-olds participate individually, using a computer or tablet. Teachers can also use this tour as a resource in their education programs.



Istanbul Modern has designed activity sheets for children who complete the Virtual Detectives tour. Based on these sheets, the children create their pictures.