Masters of Cinema in Turkey: Lütfi Akad


Within the scope of the project "Masters of Cinema in Turkey" supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Modern Cinema hosts the founding directors of Turkish cinema. The first guest for this series is Lütfi Akad, known as the "masterless master" and a pioneer of the period referred to as the "Filmmakers’ Era" in Turkey’s film history.

This archive exhibition takes a look at the cinema of Lütfi Akad, whose filmography and 95-year life reflect the story of Turkish cinema. The exhibition brings together 100 pieces of archive material such as production stills, film stills, original scripts, and posters from Akad’s filmography that had not seen the light of day until now. This material is accompanied by the director’s words to describe his films, as Akad’s aptitude for observation can be seen not just in his films but in his memoirs as well. Shedding light on the birth of Yeşilçam and its conditions, his writings and interviews serve as the narrator of this exhibition.

The exhibition, having commemorated the director’s 100th birthday with its opening in 2016, is held in the cinema foyer.

Curator: Müge Turan

Advisor: Burçak Evren