Prix Pictet: Power


30 January – 28 April 2013

One of the major awards in photography today, the Prix Pictet aims to raise public awareness in social and environmental challenges of the current era. For its fourth cycle the competition focuses on the broad and paradoxical concept of “Power.” While often leading to disaster and despair, power can also generate hope and renewal. The exhibition displays the struggle for survival between humankind and nature, our despair in the face of the damage we have caused, social power conflicts, and the dichotomies of power in our world today with its invasions and revolts. Around the uncanny theme of power, the works of the 12 finalists reveal in a straightforward manner the striking facts experienced in recent history and which we are still experiencing today.

Artists: Robert Adams, Daniel Beltrá, Mohamed Bourouissa, Philippe Chancel, Edmund Clark, Carl De Keyzer, Luc Delahaye, Rena Effendi, Jacqueline Hassink, An-My Lê, Joel Sternfeld, Guy Tillim 


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Mohamed Bourouissa

Le Cercle Imaginaire

2007-08, Paris, France

Series: Périphérique



Daniel Beltrá

Oil Spill #1: A plume of smoke rises from a burn of collected oil. A total of 411 controlled burns were used to try to rid the Gulf of the most visible surface oil.

17 June, 2010

Gulf of Mexico, United States



Guy Tillim

A traditional dancer and crowd salute Jean-Pierre Bemba as he walks to a rally from the airport, Kinshasa

July 2006

Kinshasa, DRC


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