Fantastic Machinery


A Selection from the Renault Art Collection

18 April – 16 June 2013

Istanbul Modern hosts a selection from the Renault Art Collection.

Renault began collaborating with contemporary artists in 1967 with the aim of forging closer ties between art and the industrial world. It provided artists the opportunity to explore the fields of industry and innovation and supported them both in terms of technical and technological resources and financially for their production. Thanks to these historic partnerships, Renault’s art collection became a driving force behind the French contemporary art scene in the 1960s and grew with the company. Continuing until 1985, then starting again in 2011, this partnership resulted in over 300 artworks that forged closer ties between two hitherto distant concepts of “art” and “industry”. The collection is exceptional for the way in which it was brought together as well as for the works it comprises. Today it incorporates works by leading names in modern and contemporary art and is exhibited in museums around the world while also loaning selections to exhibitions in many countries.

A selection of over 40 examples from the Renault collection featuring works from diverse disciplines such as painting, sculpture, installation, and photography will be on view in Istanbul Modern’s Pop-Up Exhibitions Area.

Artists: Arman, Robert Doisneau, Jean Dubuffet, Robert Frank, Frank Horvat, Jean-Luc Moulène, Robert Rauschenberg, Marc Riboud, Takis, Jean Tinguely 

Curator: Ann Hindry






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