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Launched by Istanbul Modern in 2012, the "Museums Talk" is a conversation platform between leading international museum professionals and museum audiences in Turkey, as well as online audiences globally.

Museums Talk began with the United States in 2012-2014, continued with the United Kingdom in 2014-2015, Germany in 2016-2017, and focuses on France in collaboration with the French Cultural Center in Istanbul in 2019.

Through the program, Istanbul Modern focuses on the French art institutions and their unique contribution to museology as well as the history of institutions, their organizational structures and their future strategies.


Reflections on the Museum in the 21st Century

Bernard Blistène


Centre Pompidou National Museum of Modern Art

January 16, 2019, Wednesday, 19.00

Venue: French Cultural Center in Istanbul

Founded at the Palais de Tokyo in 1947, the National Museum of Modern Art was incorporated under the Center Pompidou banner in January 1977. The National Museum of Modern Art and the Center of Industrial Creation (MNAM-CCI) within its structure house over 120,000 works covering all artistic disciplines from 1905, the year of the birth of Fauvism to the present day. In line with their founding mission, both institutions are under constant transformation and innovation.

Fuelled by globalization and the cessation of the grand narratives of history, the National Museum of Modern Art has recently started to question its own history and the need to serve as a guiding light for deciphering the complexity of the modern narrative. Accordingly, the museum today seeks to create new theoretical and artistic perspectives that aid us in our investigation of the history of the past as well as the present.

Bernard Blistène has been the Director of the Centre Pompidou since 2013. Blistène oversaw many exhibitions in the United Statesbefore being appointed as the director of the Centre Pompidou where he formerly worked as the Inspector General of Artistic Creation in 2000 and Director of the Department of Cultural Development, in 2008. As the Director of the Department of Cultural Development he created “Un Nouveau Festival” (A New Festival), an event that brings together different disciplines of contemporary art. As the Director, Blistène is currently supervising the renovation and the extension of the Modern and Contemporary collections at Centre Pompidou.


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Photo Credit: Philippe Migeat & Hervé Véronèse

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