Mother & Child Project


Aiming to enhance imagination and creativity by carrying domestic communication to a cultural space, Mother & Child Art Workshops introduce women - most of whom are high school graduates or dropouts – to methods of spending quality time with their preschool and school-age children. During the events held at Istanbul Modern’s exhibition spaces and education workshops, mothers and children who trace the lives of artists and their works are introduced to various fields of artistic practice, enhance their imagination, and materialize their mutual thoughts through art.

Created under the guidance of local governments, state-funded schools’ parent-teacher associations, non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations and associations, with the goal of serving the needs of mothers and children who do not have equal opportunity, this program consists of two stages: “Museum tours” and “art workshops”. Museum tours give participants the chance to interpret works of art,  while the workshops “Shadow Pictures” and “Mask Workshop” for 4-6 year-olds, and “Shapes and Colors” and “My Istanbul” for 7-12 year-olds involve art practices themed on painting, space design, puppet design, and drama. 

Mother & Child Art Workshops includes 4 different workshops and museum tours. Designed for mothers and their 4-6 or 7-12 year-old children, each workshop lasts 90 minutes.

Istanbul Modern’s Mother & Child Art Workshops are free of charge.

For info and reservation

or 0212 334 73 41