Guided Tours

Free Tours

Organized on Thursdays and Sundays at 5.00 p.m, guided tours held in Turkish are free of charge. The tours are offered to target groups containing no less than four, and no more than twenty people. Guided tours, either for individuals or for groups, must be reserved in advance.

For further information
please call
0212 334 73 41
Paid Tours

Private tours, customized for individuals or group tours, containing no less than four people and no more than twenty, can be organized every day except on Mondays, for a fee of 20 TL per person. Tours are 45 minutes in duration and are available in Turkish and English.

Audio Guides
Audio guides, geared towards adults, are available in English and Turkish, with a duration of approximately 45 minutes.
Fee: 15 TL 
For Students: 10 TL