Exhibition Tours for Schools


Educational Activity in Conjunction with the Collection Exhibition "In Pursuit of the Present"

Free programs for school groups carried out every weekday except Mondays

Istanbul Modern has designed a special educational program for 4-12 year-olds, centering on the collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present”. While the children, led by museum experts, examine the works of art in the exhibition spaces, they are introduced to the basic concepts of art and its materials and practices, discover how to analyze a work of art, and learn about the careers of artists.

The exhibition tours for schools offer an entertaining exhibition experience supported by puzzles and riddles, visual presentations, and tactile materials. As they leave the museum, the children take along specially-designed activity sheets with them to school, where they complete this program designed especially for their age group. At the museum, they answer questions, search and find, explore different textures, and discover shapes, colors, and techniques; While at school, using the program’s activity sheets, they remember the artworks they examined during the tour, write poems, complete compositions, dream and imagine, and even prepare their own art productions.

The program is held in Turkish. For more information and reservations, please call 0212 334 73 41 or e-mail


For info and reservation

or 0212 334 73 41