Photography in Days of Pandemic
Merih Akoğul, 1963 Loyalty, May 2020
Digital photograph

The past forms bridges to the future through notes made in history. In this context, the most precious memory in my collection belongs to Ergun Çağatay, who passed away in 2018. Gifted to him by his wife, 50 years before his death; once the first choice of reportage photographers; the witness to many historical figures and events, from Aşık Veysel to the Olympic Games in Munich, the Arab-Israeli War to the US Tehran Embassy raid, it is the legendary "Nikon F" camera.

On the back of this camera was the "TRI X" film used by Ergun Çağatay and the name of his better half, "Kari W. Cagatay" right next to it. It was as if Çağatay was meeting his wife each time he pointed his camera during his interviews. Love, passion, gratitude and fidelity; wasn't photography a great invention to stand for all this?