Photography in Days of Pandemic
Burcu Aksoy, 1970
3.43 a.m. From the series “Series 40-Kenophobia”,  2020
23.07 p.m. From the series “Series 40-Kenophobia”, 2020
3  dimensional presentation; min. 150 x 100 cm
Archival pigment print coating on aluminum plate sized by folding
Single edition

I prefer to create an image of what is outside the frame of the lens, an image that no one else can imagine, and to transform objects and spaces into other structures by jumbling them. My photographic works are the expression of these thoughts on digital media.

The images in the series represent the intermediate stage of the photographic structuring that I have included in this approach since 2015.

Here, one can observe the object-space, which has been first envisioned in 3 dimensions, then symbolized on the 2 dimensions of paper to finally be structured in 3 dimensions. It is in the discourses of psychoanalysis that we may recognize what it means for the emergence of the forms that will constitute this 3rd dimensional formation on the photographic print surface, which will never fully represent what they are trying to represent.

Each of my photographic works is titled using a different time period, and the photographic series they are included in are titled using terms from psychiatry.