Photography in Days of Pandemic
Halûk Çobanoğlu, 1957 Isolation, 2020
Digital photograph

Today, we are faced with the emergence and possible permanence of concepts such as crisis, isolation or "quarantine", closure, and retreat, concepts that were thought to belong to a distant past. In my opinion, the "sweet" period, in which everyone could act as his or her own Pinocchio, both individually and socially, is now coming to an end.

In addition to the chain of disasters we are experiencing, it is not impossible to hear the footsteps of an authoritarian digital world state that is expected to spread across the world soon. During the course of this epidemic, over and above our losses, the possibility for the tunnel we have entered to be one of fear is more likely than it being one that opens up to a world of freedom in the near future.

This pretty much sums up what I have been feeling during this period we are living in.