Photography in Days of Pandemic
Ani Çelik Arevyan, 1961 Untitled, #05 From the series “Return”, 2020
70 x 100 cm

I am returning the “still life”, a creation that I actually owe to nature, and which I took from nature and fictionalized in my studio years ago, back to an organic, green and lively nature, along with my own traces.

In general, humans have not left good marks on nature; they have transformed it for themselves and destroyed the natural habitat. The fact that these photographs stand in nature emphasizes that everything we create by opposing nature will not disappear easily; it is not possible to erase the traces of time or for nature to accept them as organic.

While nature inspired us and provided us with an infinite possibility to create, we didn't value it enough. And in these photographs, we accept the power and greatness of nature, and look at the traces of a painter who perhaps has just moved away from his canvas.