Photography in Days of Pandemic
Barbara & Zafer Baran, 1956 / 1955 Skin #1, 2006-2020
152 x 100 cm
Cameraless photograph, archival pigment print

In these uncertain times, when everything is seen in a different light, revisiting an old project may enhance the original meaning of the work, or provide it with a new dimension.

A project we have recently returned to is Skin, begun in 2006. Just as our Ephemera series explored the ideas of transience and ephemerality, so Skin looks at vulnerability, using the fallen bark of trees for its subject matter. The hard silhouettes of the bark fragments in the resulting images – almost tachiste-like in appearance – seem to contradict the fragility of the organic material: a metaphor, in some way, for the fragility of ourselves, our institutions, and our entire ecosystem.